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Gifts Boxes Pioneer Big Market



"Where there is market, there are Yiwu people!" There are a lot of Yiwu business men all over domestic market and abroad ones. And Fang Chang, a citizen in Houzhai Street, Yiwu city is one of them.




Have to Eat Soy Cheese Due to Losing Money in Business


In 1991, Fangchang, with a hope for business, he went to Yiwu market and rent a small booth in the International Trade city. But because he has no experience, he lost all her investment and own a large amount of debt after.


As Fang Chang said "At that time I sell clips jewelry. But there are several reasons that cause my money losing. One is the capital limitation; the other is without any old customers; the third one is no experience. So there are only two choices in front of me at last; First one is I find a work and pay back all the debt; another one is insisting on business." He chose to persist. He said "At that time, I even don't have money to buy vegetables, everyday I eat soy cheese instead." But later he owned more debt, that means he failed again.




He Turns To Gifts Boxes


In 1995, Fang Chang detected a great business opportunity-gifts boxes business! At that time there are a lot of people coming to Yiwu market purchasing jewelry like golden jewelry, silver jewelry etc. But all those jewelry without a good package, they wouldn't be a good gift. Why I turn to gifts boxes? From his survey, there were not many people associated in this area. So he got started. He first went to Guangzhou purchasing the raw materials. Then process in Shenzhen; at last sell to International Yiwu market. Now he has opened his own factory majoring in gifts boxes. He has millions of customers now.


As Fangchang told to us we couldn't give up if you think the road you are taking is a hopeful one. We should insist on what we believe and work hard. At last we would get what we should get.



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