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Hot Novel Items Warm Up in Yiwu Market



1.Novel LED Sports Watch with Light Can Show Time


On 20th July,Reporter Wang Tingting visited in Yiwu Market and found a kind of novel LED sports watch.People only need to press the side buttons lightly,the 30pcs small LED lights flicker actively at once.After a while,some lights become red,some turned off..." This is LED sports watch,it can estimate time and date according to the positions and quantity of lighted lights."Mr Zhu said,who is the shop owner in Yiwu Market.


There are many different styles and colors LED sports watches in Yiwu Wholesale Market,with wide or narrow watch surface.The lights can be upright in line,also can be presented as fan-shaped.Lights Colors can be red,blue,green,purple and so on.This kind of watch is very popular on internet shopping and foreign buying in Yiwu.


2.Ocular Region Messager Ease Fatigue


Eyes sensation of dryness, acid bilges, gall are common phenomenon to those computer persons.While manual eye exercise is too trouble to them,now the "dynamoelectric" eye exercise can have it both ways.So the both ocular region messagers are very popular among computer users.


"Before,ocular region messager are mostly used for child to guard against shortsight.With the time of computer extensively used people in recent years,more and more office staff like to use such products."introduced by Mr Gong,who owned a shop in sunglasses and accessories district in Yiwu Market.Such messagers made with 26 finger-shaped contact terminals according to ocular region outline and acupuncture point distribution.It can make eyeball and eye muscle relaxed,thsu to ease eyes fatigue.

During the interview,another shop owner in Yiwu Market entered the shop and required to buy a messager.He said his neighbor bought such a messager several days before and it feels very comfortable.So he come here also to buy a messager.


3.Aerated Toys Warm Up This Summer in Yiwu Market


According to businessman introduction in the Yiwu Market,many kinds of aerated toys sales are increased more than last years,especially the aerated toys with attractive designs and suitable played on the water,make the shop owners more happy.