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Massage slippers are free to fold


Massage slippers seen many,but you've seen the massage slippers are free to fold it? Reporter saw this in the tourist shopping slippers in Yiwu Market.Like a piece of paper to start the slippers,lights on right and left sides respectively, and the narrow hole inserts,folding buckle up immediately after the "change" is a comfortable massage slippers.



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"This massage slippers enter yiwu market last year, and immediately be hot." According to Ms. Chen introduced, massage slippers on the distribution of the many massage points, is based on the distribution of foot points,corresponding to the major organs of human neural Focus point, people wearing the same time,you can play on the foot reflex zone massage,accelerate blood circulation effect.


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Ms Chen told reporters that so far,which has been published slippers more than 8 months,almost always in a hurry sold out status. "Tasted the sweetness of a similar design,we will have more new shoes and strive to compete in the market."


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