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Protected Creativity Will Be More Vitality


Since the change of "Yiwu Manufacturing" to "Yiwu Creation",Yiwu Creative Industries Appear like a blast of wind.Creative Economy is blossoming.Only with the protection of intellectual property rights, Creativity can creat more property.


So far by now, Yiwu Innovation Park has 55 enterprises,including design patent,product package design, business space design, outdoor landscape design, AD Photography, advertisement project and more,formed a complete industrial chain.HK,Shanghai,Taiwan enterprises take up 76% of the total industries.


At present, these institutions has effectively help enterprises to obtain yiwu design resources,in related to obtain a breakthrough on the product research and development. Yiwu originality, the success of our creative industries are taking shape, and strongly attracted throughout the country. But still we realize soberly, and in the protection of intellectual property rights, we don't do enough. In the development of creative industry, we can clearly see that talent shortage and lack of intellectual property protection has become a growing concern.


According to the latest data of zhejiang intellectual approved in late may, by 2010, the 10743 amounted to grant the patent invention patent, which was 151 a patent for utility model, the state patent 7056, exterior design. In a certain extent, grant the patent technology innovation reflect yiwu technology innovation vigor.


Yiwu market is unprecedented confidence, determination and perseverance, big step to upgrade. The original ability, strengthen the innovation, can promote individual enhancement enterprise core competitiveness. Use of intellectual property of creative economy to a comprehensive protection, the three-dimensional enterprise transformation and upgrade will not have to worry about, so as to achieve maximum efficiency.