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Sensational News about Yiwu Stock Shoes



Yiwu Union Group Reports Sensational News about Yiwu Stock Shoes Here on 3rd, September, 2010.


[What Yiwu Stock Shoes Is]
Yiwu Stock Shoes are all those shoes left in factories due to the bankrupting, switching to other products and orders problems etc.


[Categories of Yiwu Stock Shoes]
Yiwu Stock Shoes could be categorized to two kinds. One is full-sized stock shoes and the other is miscellaneous stock shoes. Full-sized stock shoes are at stock is mostly because factory couldn't reach the delivery time or the purchasers ordered these shoes refuses to pay balance; Full-sized stock shoes have designs at very good condition. This stock shoes owns the feature of quality reliable, sizes full etc. Miscellaneous shoes are left because those shoes are used to fulfill containers. Some of sizes and colors are chosen by customers. And those left are mostly with miscellaneous sizes and colors. But both full-sized stock shoes and miscellaneous shoes are not problem shoes, they have reliable quality. The price is higher than problem shoes from factories. For those problem shoes returned back to factories, they have very low price and quality no good.


[Feature of Yiwu Stock Shoes]

  1. Low price, they are in large stock because factories don't have enough sales ability. So they have to using low price to absorb the attention from customers.
  2. Quality unevenness. Some of the stock shoes have been overstock for a long time. The designs are always out of time, very outdated. So the price is often around 1USD-2USD, which suits for low-end market like Middle East and Africa. Those customers would feel satisfied with what they get compared to how much they pay. Some of the Yiwu stock shoes are exactly products ordered by other customers. Quality is really good. But price always higher than the first kind. So why they exist? It is really easy to explain.


[Good Suppliers for Yiwu Stock Shoes]
Yiwu Union Group is specialized in Yiwu stock shoes. We would not praise ourselves as the NO.1 Yiwu stock shoes supplier like others do. Because we know deeply in this fast-speed world, there isn't anything that is definitely NO.1. We need too much, much… to improve! Like Alibaba is getting more and more popular in e-commerce. But does Jack Ma boast Alibaba as the NO.1 e-commerce platform? No! So Yiwu Union Group would continue to work hard to serve customers all over the world. We sincerely hope via our sincere cooperation, we could welcome more prosperous tomorrow in business.


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