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Yiwu Christmas Products Export Continued To Be Strong



Summer season, in the heat of the people shouted on the door, Yiwu Market shops began as a winter business. Every year in May start from the Christmas Items, foreign export products go into the sales period, this is the foreign trade sell Christmas shoppers. This year Yiwu Christmas Items sales prices continued to heat, sales situation was significantly better than ever.


In yiwu international trade city, many shops are busy showing Yiwu Santa Claus toys products to customers. A shop owner tell the reporter, Christmas product euramerican market guests purchase more quantity. They also develop different christmas toys according to the customer's demand developing from different countries with different styles of Santa Claus toys. With the increasingly fierce market competition, the company self-develops consciousness is more and more strong, acrylic Christmas pendants, Christmas module products further enrich the Yiwu market.



According to several wenzhou customers say they stationed in yiwu perennial purchase various notions to foreign markets, the Czech republic and foreign businessmen for Christmas demand increased obviously this year.



Ms Lou,whose shop Located in yiwu Christmas handicraft articles professional street, said last year the foreign buyers are very cautious when they purchased christmas items due to the  world financial crisis,this year they are much more generous on purchasing and buy more stocks earlier.Besides,Foreign Purchasing time bring forward due to the RMB exchange rate is continued going up.Russia, the Philippines and countries such as Brazil, Argentina,the merchants come to yiwu purchasing christmas items more actively.



A Mexico customer told reporter it is his second time trip to Yiwu  to purchase Christmas Items this year. Because Mexico domestic consumption ability rise up, the Christmas items were sold out which ordered on May this year, this time come to Yiwu is specially for replenishment, order quantity is 20% more than last year.



Yiwu currently is the world's largest Christmas items export base, half of the world, America Markets 70% and Europe markets more than 40% of the market the Christmas items are from yiwu. Yiwu market opportunities show that Christmas has long been considered the important marks of commodity market each year.



"We started the e-commerce development last year, many are online orders, large quantity orders, hundreds of thousands of yuan and there are millions of yuan." Ms Lou, happily say that customers from Europe and America purchase not only large orders, and start to have repeat orders in July.



According to statistics, this year, yiwu Christmas items market far better than last year, up from the current situation of enterprise, Christmas items sold a year-on-year growth of enterprise 30%, even can double, but profits have declined by 10%, is mainly because Labour, rising raw material costs, but to preserve businesses order, most christmas products prices keep the same.