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Yiwu Christmas products go into "national standard first year"

  Yesterday, Yiwu International Trade City Christmas area is overcrowded. Ahead of the arrival of the traditional export season, the huge blocks apart eyeful of Santa Claus, the Christmas ball, accessories shops began bustling up.


  "This year business is generally better to do than last year, new products are selling now." Liu Zhen has done Christmas for  five years, he think the financial crisis left,customers' confidence come. Comparison of last year that the "tragic-like", he feels this year's new products sell very well. With the drafting of the relevant Christmas Yiwu industry standard access to national authorities identify, collect the raw materials of new products, specifications have been made to develop standards, Liu zhen's good luck will continue.


  GB first year, non-euro area Yiwu manufacturing continues to sell well.

  From the state departments Yiwu Christmas by industry associations submitted a "simulated Christmas tree," and "Christmas services" over six months before the two industry standards, Yiwu Christmas greeting national standards on the first year after the peak season.


  Association Secretary-General Chen Jinlin Say Yiwu Christmas export significantly better than last year, orders increased significantly the amount.


  According to the data, Yiwu Christmas sales account for half of the global market, accounting for 40% of European market share. Yiwu manufacturing sell very well in the international market all the way.Chen Jinlin said that this position has not changed this year.


  Yiwu Christmas enterprises not only involved in the whole development of standards, and in the industry sent its own voice. In the past, the market operators were only buyers for various reasons despite the proposed product specifications, materials, products often arise because of money, "standards are not uniform" and malicious defaulting. Now, buyers take new release of "industry standard" as the transaction reference. Liu Fang family operations, said after coming out of industry standards, product positioning with the direction of the second year, and Christmas products pricing will be more accurate and easier.


  Under the influence of the financial crisis, Fujian, and Shenzhen in China and other provinces are subject to certain high-end Christmas supplies industry impact, and Yiwu Christmas adhering to the "affordable" principle, by the favor of more foreign. Chen Jinlin, for example, Russia, the Philippines and Brazil, Argentina and other South American countries are coming to Yiwu sourcing, to some extent widened the Christmas supplies the international market, led the sales growth.


  Costs more than the trend depreciation of the euro worse


  Post-crisis era, the days of business as easy as imagined. This reporter learned that, in the Yiwu International Trade City, a large part of Christmas shops in suppliers or processing enterprises in Guangdong. "At present, Guangdong enterprises wages generally rose, but also not hire employees, our product costs by at least 10%." International Trade City, third floor, 6214 A, Chen Shu-law business, said companies like ourselves have a part in Yiwu, Although the orders are increasing, but producers did not break impasse, can not catch up goods, and some can only give orders.


  Industry analysis, Yiwu Christmas products and launch new products, pricing and stocking are the Christmas of the year before, after the Chinese Lunar New Year. That is to say,this current market prices and pricing is determined when the end of last year. Six months, the euro zone economic situation deteriorating, quietly rising prices of raw materials in China, Foxconn effect of wage increases the proliferation of product cost increases growth above the market price of wholesale, enterprise untold income.


  Chen Shu-law compared to the helplessness, Taizhou Linhai of Ms. Chen is even more maddening. Christmas lights she produced sales plummeted in the euro-zone countries, she estimates the volume of business this year, less than half of last year, only hopes other emerging countries orders.


  Many market owners said the euro zone and difficult business environment there is a big reason is that the euro can not afford to fools like Rotary, and nearly 15% of the diving-style devaluation, let Yiwu "puerile" model "feel powerless and frustrated."


  As the side of the coin, the market there is also so obvious dichotomy. Dollar-denominated currencies of Brazil, India and other emerging markets, Christmas demand bottoming out, but the previous owner of the European market has continued weakness, malaise.