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Yiwu City Urban Lighting Program For 2010-2011 Published


Yiwu Lighting project all use energy-saving equipment, electricity consumption is expected to drop even more breathtaking night mall


Evening stroll in Yiwu Riverside green corridor,a distance of high-rise building roof lighting direct sky, like a long shore banks of dazzling color ribbon, soft floor lighting, and surface reflection of actual situation serves as contrast, dreamy. In these circumstances, how can we not hard to forget.


Yesterday, reporter learned from the management of Yiwu city lights, city lighting to enhance the 2010-2011 program of Yiwu city have been identified, and start today in two phases. Upgrading of lighting used in all energy-saving lighting equipment, after the completion of the total electricity consumption than the existing lighting will decrease, but the mall's night will be even more breathtaking.


Yiwu City lighting management director Yu-Ming Wang introduced the city lighting upgrade project for 2010-2011, mainly to transform and improve key areas of the yiwu city streets, squares, water features, building facades and the external environment.Yiwu Riverview lighting system to form the overall image of our city urban night lighting, display as a business city of Yiwu, the night view of style.


Riverside green corridor with landscape lighting.


Highlight the human, energy saving, environmental protection concepts


It is understood that lighting enhance the focus in the following sections: water system parts, including bank and bridge; Riverside Park; Yiwu river on both sides of the building; Binwang Road and Huangyuan Road on both sides of tall buildings;Xiu Hu Plaza, Xiu Hu Park and the surrounding high-rise building.


To Riverside green corridor with night lighting enhance the landscape project as an example, in order to achieve the reception ceremony casual atmosphere and visit the functional requirements of multi-point arrangement works on the one hand, specific temporary opening of the large-scale light show played up the atmosphere, outstanding mall's prosperity; On the other hand, on the embankment, bridge, river life of leisure parks, etc. lighting, energy-saving, safety and artistic transformation, to create a style elegant, warm and comfortable atmosphere. Yiwu Lighting upgrade project highlighting the overall culture, energy saving, environmental protection concepts, implementation of the lighting to meet the river cruise, Riverside leisure activities, visit the appreciation of the bridge requirements.


Specific to the details, the green corridor along the park trails and park roads enhanced functional lighting, parks, security lighting to enhance the overall brightness of the local Riverside Park Pieces and lighting trees; Riverside Building at the top with a high brightness roof lighting to create the night sky lines, building body parts with the soft lighting to the performance of the building facade and structure, and set off the strength of feeling skyline; surface area for leisure activities as citizens, fully functional lighting of role, while sought to demonstrate a sense of affinity and warmth; embankment section made of a smooth continuous band of light color, the two sides connect all types of building and landscape, to create unity and harmony light environment.


We all believe that Yiwu city will become more beautiful tomorrow.Thus yiwu is much better for your business trip.You can not only enjoy purchasing in Yiwu Market,but also can enjoy the night leisure life and view of Yiwu City.


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