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Yiwu Creative School Stationery Enjoys Hot Sale in Autumn of 2010



School Stationery, with various designs and paintings, always absorb attention of foreign purchasers. Recently, Yiwu Union Group has found a new design hot-sale school pencil case stationery in Yiwu market.



This creative school pencil box is in the shape of fridge. It has completed functions and beautiful design. As the designer said "like Chinese cartoon- CiYoYo popular in 2009 and 2010. We tried to add popular elements while designing children's school stationery."



This fridge pencil case is designed according to the proportion of actual fridge. It owns speculate appearance and completed functions. There are more than 10 places for storage. At the top of the "fridge", there is a place for storing change. When you open the door of the "Fridge", inside design is same like an actual fridge. Here we could put pencils, rulers etc. At the back of the "fridge" it is for post-it notes. You are free to leave your message here.



But because it is a new designed pencil case, factory dared not to make a large quantity at the very first time. Now many colors have been sold out.



From these products, we knew if a company or factory wants to develop. Creativity is the most critical thing. Theses days there are much stationery appears in Yiwu market. All of them are in famous cartoon designs, from Disney Mickey mouse to films designs high school music and cars etc. They draw children's attention of the cute painting, lovely shape and good function as well. Here Yiwu Union Group sincerely hopes customers all over the world coming to Yiwu market purchasing stationery. Here is the heaven for creation. As long as you could image, there are real goods in Yiwu market.

Need this new design fridge pencil case? Contact Now!


MSN: lucy@yiwuuniongroup.com

Skype: lucy.yiwuuniongroup.com

E-mail: lucy@yiwuuniongroup.com







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