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Yiwu E-commerce Creates Foreign Retail Opportunity


At present, both retail e-commerce platform like wholesale ones such as Alibaba, Ebay, and DH-gate and retail platforms like Taobao, and Paipai have become the mainstream of domestic e-commerce. But the most potential and hardest one is foreign market retail sale. Gong Shaohua, the owner of the District 1 of Yiwu International Business Market, has this business idea from the very beginning. E-commerce has been a popular stream in Chinese market.


"At present, most of market owners in Yiwu market only have knowledge about what e-commerce is. But they don't know how to operate those platforms", As Gong Shaohua noted to reporters "Many of his friends want to join in the e-commerce, but they don't know how to make orders from the platform operation. Some of them even tried to use those platforms, but they couldn't make any orders from the platforms. So they lost their patience at last. Thus the distrust feeling appears." How to operate e-commerce and get orders from it have become the highlight of medium-sized and small enterprises. "There are a group of young people whose families have been associated in traditional business many years in Yiwu market, as young generation; they would like to open a totally different way to make orders."


"How to catch foreign retail business opportunity?" Go Shaohua expressed that he still has many things to learn since his work experience is not very long. When he learned that there would be an conference about how to operate e-commerce. He said happily "This is what Yiwu market needs, and as shop owners, we would be very glad to learn e-commerce."