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Yiwu Fair Gives a Hand to Help Sell Yiwu Stock Shoes


China Shoes Network】Voice from Shoes Fairs

"Yiwu Shoes Support Policy is still not mature and is at the primary state. We sincerely hope there could be more mature policies published by government".
                                                           ---expressed by many big brothers in shoes business



See What Other Cities Do

"There is a continuation fund for small companies in HK, which provides 50% allowance for companies attending fairs. And the rate is higher in Macao, is around 60%. And moreover, companies could get the allowance once they attended fairs" said by the president of HK Fair Association.


Around 10% of shoes made in Dongguan city, Canton. Since the global financial crisis, there are a lot of stock shoes appearing in Dongguan. How to digest? As the largest small commodity city, Yiwu has become the first plate to sell those stock shoes. It is reported by Yiwu Union Group Import&Export Co., Ltd that there would be several Yiwu Stock Shoes Fair hold to promote the stock shoes selling. And the government appeal those purchasers in and abroad not missing this great opportunity.



Yiwu Stock Shoes Have a Good Sale】

Dongguan is called "World Shoes City", but Yiwu is named the market for selling shoes to the whole world. But because of this, while in the period of financial crisis, Dongguan and Yiwu have been affected deeply. There are a large amount of stock shoes appearing after the financial crisis. One the other hand, because there are too much shoes made every year, therefore there are more and more stock shoes popular in the Yiwu market. And Yiwu stock shoes have become a prosperous business.



【Why the Stock Shoes Exist?】

Generally speaking, there are 4 reasons lead to stock shoes. One is in order to avoid accidents while making products, factories often make more shoes than the quantity customers ordered; another is because the bankrupt ion of some shoes factories. In order to pay the debt, they sell shoes at very low price in a short time; also another reason is that after the world financial crisis, those customers ordered products don't have the money to pay the shoes, so they notice those factories they don't need the shoes anymore; the last reason is that some factories don't have enough orders from customers. But there are too much materials at stock, they have to make products out in order to avoid the materials deteriorate.



Yiwu Fair Help Sale Yiwu Stock Shoes

In order to promote the stock shoes sale, Yiwu government has promised the Yiwu Stock Shoes Promotion Fair.