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Yiwu Has Become World Supermarket


Yiwu Union Group Import&Export Co.,Ltd Report that Yiwu has become "World supermarket": 2.7 thousand kinds of imported goods, 60 companies are lining up.


French red wine,Brazil crystal, Italy leather, ebony sculpture of Africa ... ... the original hard to find in the Chinese market to the imported goods, has been more than two years time in the gradually settled in Yiwu International Trade City Museum of imported goods . This is the first integrated product trade fairs outside malls, but also is the largest distribution center for imported goods.


Imports to open the museum to realize Yiwu International Trade City from "buy national goods, selling the country goods" to "buy the world's goods and sell goods worldwide," the transformation of the moment, the global goods enter this "world supermarket" as a flood.


60 companies are lining up


Since May 2007 a tentative start, in particular, opened in October 2008 as a whole, the international business city hall has grown imported goods business entities 49, the introduction of the United States, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Italy and other 55 countries and regions, the characteristics of 2.7 thousand kinds of commodities, Yiwu International Trade City to realize a "global trading of goods", "World Supermarket" of embryonic shape.

On the Eighth of Twelfth session city (expanded) Conference and the seventh plenary meeting of city government, Party Secretary Huang Zhiping raised to support the development of import, re-export market, accelerate the building of imported commodities trading range, the scientific and management development programs ways to attract more foreign manufacturers and imported goods to Yiwu, traders.


"The introduction of management entities, expand the size of the market, this is the direction we are working." Mall Group General Manager Wu Bo Cheng explained that currently there are 60 (mainly from France, New Zealand, Australia, Korea, Japan, the United States) for settled unit is arrange with, the imported goods Museum "African products on sale center" project is also actively preparing in 7 countries have already expressed interest.


Operation of the main challenges


Zhang Zhigang, president of China Chamber of Commerce tours of imported goods in the museum had said that many cities are now scrambling to establish Museum of imported goods more competitive.He believes that imports of goods Museum with the domestic market must be distinguished from the goods should be with local characteristics and high added value and China has no goods, the Chinese people have the actual consumption of these commodities demand, to achieve different operations.


For this, the CCC Group have the same thought. The introduction of the goods, to uphold product range for the commodity, necessities of life, with different management and wholesale and retail sales patterns.


Yiwu Chuanmu Commodity Co., Ltd. was established in the Museum of imported goods "imported from Japan home life," the shelves are stocked with imported directly from Japan, toothbrushes, cups, chopsticks and other household items. Relevant person in charge of the company that imports the main hall of the business was too small, and does not create a strong combined effect. Although the products are of good quality and affordable, but "Yang has teenage girl, who did not know kept in purdah" feeling, to find customers that they currently face a major challenge.


"We will make full use of the platform advantages of Yiwu market, after three years of efforts, the introduction of 200 more than the market management entities,make the imported goods imported into library cultivating daily consumer goods gathering area." Wu Bo Cheng said the group will continue the mall the original preferential policies, to continue to give 3-5 years of training development, relief part of the venue rental fees, ease of imported goods subject to financial pressure Museum.


In addition, the Mall Group is envisaged that the relocation of imported goods to five areas on the first floor hall, hall for the imported goods to provide a better development of the hardware environment.


Market potential

On the future development of the museum imports, Wu Bo Cheng Used three words to describe - "has the potential".


"China's rapid economic development will lead to increasing levels of domestic consumption, especially consumption of imported goods, so imports huge potential of the future museum. Meanwhile, in the development of municipal Fuchi import, entrepot trade of Da background, imports Hall also will usher in development opportunities. "


State Liquor Co., Ltd. Yiwu million is settled in one of the units of time earlier, the main business in France, Chile, Spain, the United States, Australia, South Africa and other countries imported wine, Italian brandy, Canada ice wine and so on. According to Wang Hai, general manager of introduction, France, and Chile's best-selling wine, are sold to coastal cities like Shanghai, Wenzhou and Ningbo. Currently, the museum is an annual 30% sales growth rate in the development.


"With the continuous economic development, Chinese people will increasingly seeking quality life, right demand for imports is also growing. Although the competition is strong, but we're confident." Hai Ren Wei,Imports Goods Museum has been for 2 years, its visibility and influence has been upgraded, the future development can be expected to be.

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