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Yiwu Wholesale Ceramic Aroma Nightlight

Yiwu Small Commodities Wholesale Tips, ceramic nightlight fragrance products are multi-functional: Aroma, Office can lighting, decorative craft gifts can do; modeling diverse, lively body, cute. Product appearance, luster and pleasant, with viewing and collection value, the product is made of the use of ceramics, color gloss good use and save time for a long time, not aging fade; is the ideal home, office and hotel accessories, and more fun enough. also played a lighting effect product, practical to: Home , hotels,and office. Yiwu Commodity wholesalers suggest that while the product has strong Chinese classical charm of the Chinese nation for thousands of years,which is one of the treasures left behind by inheritance, but also friends and family as gift.It's a new novel Yiwu Promotional Gifts.


   1. Fragrance role: through the heat lamp so that volatile oils in the air, with the addition to odor, air purification, decomposition of cigarette smoke, etc.

    2. Lighting effect: The light has three stalls, and popular, switching button and weak button; light brightness can be adjusted. Everyday moment the lights turn on the lights in the night light too dazzling, and more have not, and this line of ceramic small lights can be adjusted, soft light, the moon lighting can produce similar effects, soft like water, creating a warm and hazy light environment, help people to calm down and fall asleep. can do aisle lights, energy saving.

   3. Decorative craft: ceramics night light style diversity (we have over 100 kinds of product, animal, cartoon class, vases, Christmas Gifts and carving Hole), the product is beautiful, lovely shape; ceramic lamp can be twisted off alone as a decorative ornament or gift.

   4. Insect sub-functions: you can add a dedicated "mosquito repellent liquid", and the professional work of the same principles of insect repellent.


How to use: discharge 80% water to the small light at the top of the ceramic groove,then add 2-5 drops according to personal preference essential oils, light to open 2-3 minutes. The smell of the natural distribution of sesame oil (sesame oil just when to open additional "thing as," In this case, fast; so with fragrance, to "low profile" so that the time slot of sesame oil to use more long). without the night light sesame oil and the general use of the time the same way. This little light of high light bulb, has an adjustable switch, security, convenience and saving.


    Supply voltage: 110V/AC-240V/AC, load power: :3-5W;
    Single Size: 8 * 8 * 13-15 cm. Package (120 / box): 51 * 42 * 55 cm 
    A mixture of 6-12 inside the multi-species, to facilitate marketing, Welcome!

    Yiwu International Trade City is the largest wholesale market in the world.More and more foreign buyers come to Yiwu and Purchase Yiwu Products at very competitive price,so as to win larger market in their country.


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