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Yiwu Foreign Purchasing Increasing, Record of Immigration Foreign Number Reach To Higher Level.

Since this year, foreign purchasers increased substantially in yiwu market. As of June 23, yiwu city administration of entry and exit registration reported for the entry of foreign has reached 200735 person-time this year, which increased 39.1% than the corresponding period of last year.


Yiwu Unlisted Companies Ranked Second To The Turnover of Hangzhou


Recently, the reporter understands from yiwu property right exchange, after five months, not listed companies of Zhejiang province yiwu stock-rights transfer pilot listed companies operating center not the total turnover of stock transfer, after the second operation center in Hangzhou. At the end of Jan this year, not listed companies of Zhejiang province transfer pilot platform startup, yiwu property right exchange was only the first pilot run into the county-level center network platform.


On 25th June, 137 investors in yiwu property right exchange opened the transfer of shares pilot partner account capital account of not listed companies of zhejiang province. Data shows that investors buy 137 stroke counts, sold for 65 stroke counts, clinch a deal amount to total 608 million in zhejiang province, six enterprises without a listed company of its shares transfer ranked second in the pilot platform.


Six Brokers Took 24Million Yuan of Processing Orders


Recently, the reporter from yiwu processing federation reported that:on June 28, Yiwu and TianTai held held processing business docking symposium, Jiang MinGui, Wang YouYang, Xu YuJi 6 Brokers lucky received six yiwu merchants' orders, total Amount is 24million yuan, the business scope covers handicraft, auto supplies, lighting, hosiery, clothing, filter cloth, etc.


As the market and the local labor costs warmed up, yiwu processing industry has great influence on Yiwu surrounding counties and underdeveloped areas outside. Yiwu city federation of processing Zhou WeiLi President, said last year yiwu foreign materials processing has issued amount of 40 million yuan, has attracted 15 counties(city, area) to establish processing, yiwu office, benefiting 200 million rural surplus labors.