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Yiwu City
City Flower--China rose
  Yiwu is the hometown of sweet osmanthus, First class flower; sweet osmanthus is one of the ten biggest precious flowers in China. In the Spring, the pavilion bund China rose with its flowers blooming.
City Tree-- Camphor tree
  Yiwu, elusive rusticity and optimal moisture, is rich of scented camphor trees. The ancient camphor trees are elegant in groups; thousands of leaf layers, falling their shade everywhere. At the cusp of spring and summer,the green small flowers split the full branches. The light breeze delivers the fragrance and gladdens the heart. That tranquilness, that warmth and that smooth have sublimated this gentle cultural old city. That intensity, that fearless and that share thrive have revealed this fast moving cultural old city as well. Located in the central of Zhejiang Province, Yiwu covers a total area of 1,105 sqkm, Among the population of Yiwu, 700,000 are permanent residents, while 1 million are non-native residents...

Yiwu Market
    The market of Yiwu is in fact composed of a succession of several markets spread over the city. Since 1982,Yiwu market was founded,and directed to commodity industry with competitive price.Today,there are about twenty markets,fifty Specialized commerce Street,and cover an area of aroud 2.6 million square meters,with more than 400000 items classified in 1900 different categories,and had export to more than 212 countries and regions.Yiwu is the biggest supermarket in the world, but also the most important exhibition centre for small commodities. As a result, every day, more than 1000 containers leave Yiwu. This makes Yiwu an obliged way in the international trade landscape. Furthermore, the Yiwu market has been an international commodity distribution center...

Yiwu Fairs
    "CHINA YIWU INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES FAIR" or Yiwu Fair is the 2nd largest export exhibition in China, only next to the Canton Fair Asia's and World's leading consumer goods trade show.
   China Yiwu International Commodites Fair( Yiwu Fair ) Started in 1995,has been held for ten sessions continuously.In 2002,china Yiwu International Commodities Fair was upgraded as an inteenational commodities fair and was sponsored by ministry of commerce PRC,and the people's government of Zhejiang province etc.
   Due to its distinct features,prominent internationalization,convenient information access,perfect services system as well as sound security and sanitation,Yiwu Fair ranks No.3 of China...

Yiwu Hotels
    Yiwu's daily floating population is above 200,000,boost the development of hotel industry.There are thousands of hotels distributing at the downtown.And among them there are 3 hotels under five-stars standard,9 hotels under four-stars standard and 11 hotels under three-stars standard.
    Yiwu Kingdom Hotel   
    Yiwu Tian Heng Hotel 
    Yiwu Yindu Hotel      
    Yimei Plaza Hotel     

Yiwu Traffic & Logistics
    Yiwu is loacated in the middle of zhejiang province china .from Yiwu to shanghai 260km,to hangzhou 120km.the traffic of Yiwu is very convenience .zhejiang railway , hangjinqu freeway,yongjin freeway,truck service spread hundreds city directly. Yiwu airport .flight course to Guangzhou ,Beijing ,Shenzheng ,Chengduo and more than 10 lines. now ,Yiwu and Hongkong intercourse more and more frequency. August 07 ,the regular bus from Yiwu to HK directly.at the same time that on october, the flight from Yiwu to Hk directly...

Yiwu Map
    Yiwu, a small city in the middle of zhejiang province of china.
Yiwu is located in the center of Zhejiang provice, lies in the south of Shanghai and Hangzhou, the distance from Shanghai to Yiwu is 300 Km,fromHangzhou to yiwu is only 120KM, form Ningbo to Yiwu is 300KM.
Aviation: Yiwu Domestic Airport is now linked to Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shenzen etc. with more than 20 direct flights. Railway: With more than 90 trains stop at Yiwu station everyday, the railway network can take you to major cities across China, including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

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